Monday, October 10, 2011

Make Ahead Savory Breakfasts

I enjoy savory foods far more than sweet.  It can be a challenge at breakfast to find something delicious and savory that doesn't require cooking in the morning.  I love cooking, but only when it is enjoyable.  This does not tend to be the case in the morning for me while attempting to feed the kids, change them, and potentially trying to get ready to go somewhere.  I have begun cooking items at other times and freezing them.  Here are my favorite recipes:
Breakfast Burritos
12 Medium Tortillas
12 Eggs
splashes of Milk
1 lb. Country Sausage
approximately 1 c. Salsa
approximately 1/2 c. Cheese
1/2 white, yellow or red Onion
Salt & pepper
1. Brown the sausage with onion in a medium pan.
2. At the same time scramble the eggs with milk.  Salt and pepper as desired.
I like to scramble the eggs and milk in the pan before I turn it on - one less bowl to clean!
3. Combine the two and add salsa and cheese. 
4. Put your tortillas in between paper towels and microwave for about 10 seconds to make them flexible.
5.  Place a couple spoonfuls of mixture in middle of a tortilla and wrap like a burrito...and you're done.
Freezing instructions are at the end, but from frozen, I usually microwave for about 1 minute and 45 seconds.

Breakfast Quesdillas
12 Medium Tortillas
1 dozen Eggs
splashes of Milk
approximately 1 c. of Salsa
approximately 4 oz. of Ham (or meat of choice)
2 c. of Cheese
Salt & pepper
1. Scramble the eggs with milk. Salt and pepper as desired.
2. Add salsa, small handful of cheese and torn up ham to the eggs 

3. Toast each tortilla slightly in a hot pan (no oil needed). 
4. Place a scoop of the egg mixture and a bit more cheese over half the tortilla.
5. Fold over and flatten using spatula.  You can keep it on longer to melt the cheese entirely, but if you are going to freeze them, you just need to melt enough that the cheese doesn't fall off.  I typically microwave from frozen for 90 seconds.  I also cut them in half to freeze so that I can eat half with something else or Chris can eat two halves.

Freezing Strategy:
I cover a jelly pan with wax paper.  I place the warm assembled items in rows on the pan and place it in the freezer (as flat as possible) for a few hours.  Once they are individually mostly frozen, you can wrap each one in plastic wrap and place them in a large freezer bag. 

These photos show white flour, store bought tortillas, but I have recently started using this recipe from 100 Days of Real Food (lots of good suggestions for healthier eating).  I got a little overzealous last week and made this pile of dough

to quadruple the recipe.  I ended up only rolling out a little over half.  I would recommend doubling the recipe to have enough for the two recipes above.  I found these tortillas less flexible for wrapping burritos so I instead froze small baggies of the sausage mix (and I keep the tortillas frozen) to make burrito or breakfast tacos.

Other Go To Savory Breakfasts for Me:
Hard boiled eggs - throw in a baggy and sprinkle a little salt to take it to go
Peanut Butter Toast
Eggs over easy with toast
I'm officially in love with Egg in a Hole (thanks Pioneer Woman)

Happy Breakfast!


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  2. These look great and your tip for freezing is super helpful! Thanks so much for sharing!